Great Work and Knowledge!

In February of 2018 I took my 2012 Jet Black BMW Z4 to Artistry. It had 30,000 miles on it. I washed it weekly, clayed, glazed and waxed every 3 months. It was shiny and good looking from just a few feet away but it was getting to the point of being out of my league to take care of scratches. Artistry detailed my car and took out 98% of my scratches and leaving the other 2% so camouflaged, the only way they can be detected is to put your face right up to car with a bright light. Artistry then finished the vehicle coated with Gtechniq Crystal Ultra. One year later at 37,000 miles and still washing it weekly, my car has just a few minor scratches from road wear and bugs that Artistry will easily be able to rectify. Washing the vehicle has been effortless. The soap I apply doesn’t even stay on the vehicle. I apply just about no pressure with my soaped microfiber mitt. Water rinse grabs what is left and eliminates everything from the surface. A 5 minute blow dry of the car and I’m done. I have not clayed, glazed or waxed the car since Artistry applied Crystal Ultra. The coating gives my jet black paint that freshly clayed, glazed & waxed shine that everyone compliments. Artistry has given me the tips on knowledge and products to buy that give me the best chance to do no further damage to my vehicle. Artistry has saved me hours of time and effort. 7 years later my BMW Z4 looks better than the day I drove it off the BMW dealership!